Smile Counter app for Augmented Reality glasses
Remember a scene with a lady in red from The Matrix movie? She was walking among boring pedestrians and smiling to you. Smile Counter app will remember her either. And all other’s faces as well. Moreover it could count how many people in the street smiled or pokerfaced passing by.
Being a user you might not even pay attention to passersby, the app does this for you as it captures everyone’s face.
The app is easy to use. A user launches the app by a voice command and accepts starting smiles counting.
Anytime a face is within glasses’ eyeshot the app recognize person’s eyes and a mouth. The app flashes a circle for a face with two checking lines for eyes and one checking line for a mouth to capture whether there is a smile.
In case of a smile a transparent indicators pop-ups: yellow emoticon with eyes and a smile.
If a person is not smiling to you a blue emoticon appears indicating a face and eyes without a smile.
Smile Counter app
Category: Entertainment
Launches: Outdoor (often), indoor (rare)
Usage scenarios

1. Telling your friends "today I met 85% people smiling to me all way long to an office".

2. Analyzing was your joke funny to a group of people to by catching their reaction.

3. Understand that you had a good day when you won a poker game.

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